Each JEE, NEET taker to get unique question paper

Neet unique qpEntrance tests such as JEE main, NEETUG and UGC-NET is to be restructured from next year.

The changes are

1) Unique question paper for each candidate

2) Software system to pick questions in random.

3) Multiple dates for the exam.

The updates are being driven by the National Testing Agency.

NTA is planning to use tools like artificial intelligence, psychometric analysis and computer-based adaptive testing, where candidates are taken to harder level of questions once they are through with easier ones. “The tests will be 100% safe. The highest level of encryption will be used so that no one can hack into the system,” said Vineet Joshi, director general of NTA.

NTA officials said the test will be structured in such a way that clearing NEET/JEE is not going to be easy for the candidates unless he/she is thorough with the syllabus. “There will be distractors (multiple choice questions) designed to fox you. And with millions of questions (items) to be prepared instead of a couple of question papers for a particular test, you will be at the mercy of the software’s algorithm which will pick up items at random for your test at a particular date, based on the set difficulty-level,” an official said.

Advantages of having computer based tests

  1. Candidates will be able to revisit question later to review once the easier ones are answered.
  2. Exam dates can be chose with respect the candidates convenience.
  3. If a candidate is unhappy with his score, he can re take the exam after three months.

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