Neet repeater


NEET repeater course from aspire is to be conducted in a beautiful campus of 40 acres situated amidst the serene valleys of Yelagiri hills, a pleasant place with cool climate and pollution free atmosphere. NEET Repeater is for students who have appeared in the NEET 2018 exam and did not get their expected ranks.  We have tailor made this NEET repeater course for these students to make the most use of the given time and resources to secure top ranks in NEET 2019 and get merit admissions in best medical colleges.

This Course is for

☆ Repeaters – Who have already appeared for NEET, but did not get qualify or did not get selected in preferred medical colleges.

☆ Droppers – Who have never attended NEET exam before due to board exams and wish to drop a year to prepare exclusively for NEET.

NEET Repeater – A unique program

Aspire NEET repeaters course is a high-octane program for aspirants who are very serious about cracking NEET. This NEET repeaters course has been carefully designed by academic experts and NLP masters in order to make the best use of given time (5 months) to prepare for NEET. Many students struggle to crack tough entrance exams because they make the topper’s preparation but lack that topper’s attitude. That is why aspire brings NEET repeater course with the top NLP master practitioner and the best faculties in the country to train the students to truly accomplish the learning process.

☆ Unique teaching methodology.
☆ NLP infused techniques.
☆ 240 hours of concept learning and doubt clearing sessions.
☆ 240 hours of knowledge building sessions.
☆ 240 hours of Speed building sessions.
☆ 120 unit tests and 20+ full length tests.
☆ Performance analytics
☆ Parent app to track performance.
☆ 24/7 security.
☆ Everyday physical fitness sessions.
☆ Meditation and yoga sessions.
☆ Hygienic and tasty veg /non veg food.
☆ Clean dormitory accommodation separately for boys and girls.
Aspire Repeater course
Other Repeater course
1 Smart work Hard work
2 High quality quantity Quantity but no quality
3 Best faculty Ordinary faculty
4 Cool and pollution free surroundings City pollution
5 Performance tracker app for parents No performance tracking options
6 Students enjoy learning Students get stressed
7 Accelerated learning Monotonous learning
8 In campus Hostel Private hostels
Gold without copper is weak. A race bike in Moto GP needs that extra octane for that maximum performance

We provide NLP to boost the students’ preparation. NLP is like the strong foundation for the students to build their academics.

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a method of influencing brain behavior (the “neuro” part of the phrase) through the use of language (the “linguistic” part) and other types of communication to enable a person to “recode” the way the brain responds to stimuli (that’s the “programming”) and manifest new and better behaviors. In this program the students are encouraged to love what they are learning, and when they love what they do, it is just fun from there. Psychology plays a very vital role in learning process, many students and parents are unaware of the hidden fears and disbelief’s that students undergo that very much attenuates their learning process. With NLP the students get their emotions straight and control their minds to achieve what they desire.

This is going to be the best course for NEET repeaters in India because,We believe that results, success or failure is comprised of,

95% attitude and only 5% skills.

Many students struggle because they are anxious about the outcomes of the test, “ What will I do if do not get selected in a medical college? What will me parents say? What will my friends think of me?”. If they spend so much time and energy on negative thoughts, where will they find the time and energy to learn?

It is important to strengthen your core before you work on your muscles.


In the beginning of this course the students will be taken through inspiring and motivating NLP sessions to shape up their attitude, effecting inner beliefs and values. The students will be equipped with accelerated learning and mind mapping techniques before they begin to work on their modules.


Only when you understand a concept clearly and completely, you will be able to apply or even remember it. We strongly believe that building fundamentals ensures success. Our select faculties who have a deep level of understanding will be able to explain the concepts and clarify doubts to the students in the simplest of methods.


When your understanding is strong enough, you can dive in to the world of knowledge and study its applications. Our faculties will take the students through extensive training sessions covering the entire syllabus making sure that no stone is left unturned.


It is quite a challenge to answer 180 questions in 180 minutes. Speed is very important in this test as you may know that many students leave known questions unanswered because of the lack of time. Speed is developed through 3 things 1. Practice, 2. Practice and 3. Practice. Students are taken through several unit tests and full length tests until they develop speed to answer 180 questions in 150 minutes.

Our Study Materials
Aspire’s study material has been strategically composed pertaining to our teaching methodology. Over the 17 years, we have understood the way the CBSE sets the question papers through extensive research and algorithms.  Unlike many other popular brands, in NEET 2018 exam, more than 70% of the questions were exactly similar to the practice questions in our study material.