What are the benefits of joining Foundation and Year Long Program with aspire?

These are the major frequently asked questions questioned by many student by programs from aspire learning company. Generally students who fail to get the cut of marks in the Engineering, end of paying 7- 10 lakh for a seat in engineering and 50 – 60 lakh in medical. Whereas students who studying our program stand more than 70% chances of getting a free seat.

Will this Foundation and Year Long Program help in student’s performance in their regular syllabus?

Yes since students learn strong fundamentals and begin to understand the clarity of each topic .It makes them lot easier to understand their regular curriculum. Will it not be a over burden for childrenWhile studying 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th class students become stronger in their subjects with greater concept clarity, in depth knowledge in fundamentals and higher speed in solving any problems. This will enable them to a very great extend in revising and studying on daily basis. Ultimately they will save a lot of time when they move to 10th, 11th and 12th.

Can a student studying in state board can understand this Foundation and Year Long Program (NCTR) syllabus?

It is a myth to think that Foundation and Year Long Program for JEE and AIPMT are difficult and more complicated. Rather students get an opportunity to study the same topics in deeper as well as wider perspective.

Lets discuss about the Frequently asked questions for Time and Duration of the program.

a)Time and duration for Foundation Program

1.73 hours of Teaching cum tests for 6th and 7th Std.
2.108 hours of Theory cum test for 8th Std.
3.138 hours of Theory cum test for 9th and 10th Std.
4.Classes will be held on Sundays only
5.Each session would be of 3 hour duration

 b)Time and duration for Year Long program

1.About 380 hours of Classroom Teaching with Chapter/Unit Tests and Full length tests
2.Each unit will be covered in three sessions of 90 minutes each wherein concepts and Qwerls and MCQ’s relating to that unit will be discussed
3.At the end of every unit there will be a unit test of 30 minutes duration

 c) Time and duration for crash program

1) About 190 hours of Classroom Teaching and Unit Tests and Full length tests.
2) About 3000 questions covering the Entire Syllabus with all the different types of Objective Questions as perceived by the New Format of the AIEEE & AIPMT

Lets discuss about the Frequently asked questions about the Faculties

What way our faculty are different?

Our faculties are trained to connect to the students and hold them at peak of concentration, continuously motivate them communicate even the tough fest concept in simple and easy to understand. Beside during our foundation and year long program the faculties are specially trained to assess the level of student’s brilliance, grasping power and knowledge of subjects and accordingly help them understand the topics.