English Division

Program for School Students (LKG to XII Std.)

Why Communication is important!

While the English medium schools in India provide ample opportunities to read and write in English, there are limited opportunities for the students to listen and speak in English. Most of the students do not overcome the habit of speaking in their mother tongue at home. Their family members also speak the mother tongue (Tamil, Hindi or Malayalam etc.).By the time they are out of school and into college, it is too late for them to gain proficiency in English. This lack of fluency and proficiency greatly disturbs students’ performance in College and more importantly it denies them the opportunity to do well at job interviews.

“Aspire’s Spoken English” Program

Aspire with its decade long experience in the Indian educational sector has done extensive research on human brain and learning capabilities. With an expert team of linguists, psychologists and teachers it has designed a unique syllabus and methodology with the following salient features.

* Learning in LSRW order
* Appealing to the learning preferences of individuals using VAK styles
* Laying a psychological foundation on the concept of “thinking” in English
* Role play/ just a minute/ group discussion
* NLP based transformation tools to shift from limiting beliefs to empowering ones

Program for Teachers

“Good teachers create good learners & good learners create good teachers.”


Our “Teacher Empowerment” program is the result of our extensive research and the latest scientific findings on the human brain, teacher-student relationship, subconscious mind & human behavior, Neuro-linguistic programming and neuro-semantics. We have trained thousands of teachers across India and we are present in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Baroda and Ranchi. We offer English program for teachers also. This will improve the communication skills of the teachers which in turn increase their ability to understand the subjects properly and reproduce the same to students with ease. It is a 20-session program with each session consisting of 2 hours duration.

An overview of our program

The program is designed to not only assist teachers in the classroom, but to go up and beyond by providing information that will positively impact their personal lives, their families, and most importantly, the students they work with on a daily basis.

Expected outcome of the program

* You can expect higher student concentration and comprehension
* Improved examination scores.
* Rejuvenate and recharge your teaching staff.
* Improved commitment in teaching & positive attitude.
* Encourages teachers to think “out of the box” and try new things.
* Increases productivity through better time management.
* Communication between teachers and students is improved.
* Enhanced commitment to the mission & vision of the school.
* Better interpersonal relationships with students, fellow teachers and the school management.
* Greater discipline and cooperation from the students in and outside the class room.