Tips for NEET repeater

Nowadays cracking the NEET entrance is the primary aim of medical aspirants. Not all students clear NEET exam at the first attempt. What is stopping these students from clearing NEET.

Its due to,

  • Lack of concentration
  • Lack of preparation
  • Panic
  • Confusion
  • Problem in understanding
  • Bad Time Management
Failure - Success

Many student’s doctor dream gets doomed because of their failure in NEET. They are unable to contemplate about the next year exam because of their neighbours’ queries about results, self confusions about wasting time, more questions from family and the last thing is to see their friends advancing.

Everyone thinks that he is wasting a time obviously, Constructing a Taj Mahal takes more time to construct than a two floor apartment. Don’t place your ladder at the height of the hut, place your ladder which points to the sky. Throw out every negative vibrations and start preparing for your next NEET exam.

Before you take a deep breath and start all over again with a fresh attempt at NEET, could you please analyze what went wrong with your earlier attempts.

Let us see the thing you need to concentrate.

1) Throw out your negativity:

          The most easily adopted thing in the world is negativity. Scientists prove that our brain always remembers about the negative things which happened in our life. Of course we have many people who give their blind advices to the failed students that is not worth a single rupee. Don’t bother about their advices, only you know your potential, don’t make any one else to make a decision for your life. If you want to be a doctor, don’t give up if you have failed in NEET as you have an other chance.

Life is a game don’t let anyone else to play your turn.

2) Know your Syllabus:

As you are re appearing for NEET you should be aware that there has been a change in the syllabus for the next year.

Don’t get confused with your previous syllabus and current syllabus, Find the NEET syllabus 2019 here, after knowing your syllabus you can come up with planning for your preparation.

3) Keep calm and read well:

          Every NEET aspirants change their dream due to the things which happens in their friends’ lives. Let us assume a class having the strength of nearly 60 students where nearly 25 students who enrol in biology course to be a doctor. After the NEET results only 10 students clear NEET exam in the strength of 25. 10 of 15 students who failed in NEET are changing their career in some other fields, so 50 students are selecting the colleges and some of them are entering in to colleges and start their college studies. Your mindset will be automatically changed while they begin sharing their college experience. The failed students start dreaming about their new experience so there is also chances to skip your goal.

If you think you need to achieve NEET on next year, keep a distance with your friends and start preparing for it. There are also some residential programs conducted by many institutions.

Don’t get excited, Don’t get distracted, Find the right place to prepare yourself.

4) Practicing is the key:

          No matter how your knowledge power is, The wise man who don’t put his knowledge in to practice is like a bee that gives no honey. Many people see their success but they don’t  see their practice which brings the success.

          Once you start your preparation start practicing yourself by attending the mock tests and online tests regarding NEET exam. One of the main important thing in practicing is refer with previous years question papers and start solving it. By practicing the previous year questions you will be able to increase your understanding power of questions and Time management.

Practice, Practice and Practice.

5) Face with confidence:

            From above steps you ready to start your preparation, revision and practice.. Being strong in the syllabus is not only the main key to crack your NEET. You need to physically prepare for the examination. When you start prepare physically you can control your mind. Controlling your mind is also the most significant factor at the time of attending examination. Because you already know about the checking and other formalities of CBSE when they conducting NEET exam. Many students get disturbed from the mind wise and make a stress at the time of the examination. Just avoid that situation by being on time because you spend already two years to prepare your NEET exam, don’t make your stressed due to this things.

You know to answer the question, You know to manage your exam hours, you know how to face difficulties. So why not be confident?

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