10 steps to score a 650+ in NEET 2019?

Steps to score

Do you think scoring more marks in the NEET exam is tough?

Do you face the problems of stress when you prepare for the exam?

The only thing you need is Practice.

Practice, practice, practice is one of the common mantra for all the successful persons.

Let’s take the example of the batsman in the cricket, have you ever wondered why they practice so much in the nets and pitches?

NEET practice example

The batsman doesn’t know the intention of the bowler. The bowler can bowl a yorker, a short ball or a full toss. If the real game is in your play station or PC game you might know the delivery pitching position, but in a real cricket match how does the batsman know about the ball coming over 120 KMPH speed.

Is the batsman reading minds?

Does the batsman know hypnotism?

No, the only thing is practice. When there is lot of time spent for practice, our sub conscious minds get trained and automated to face any kind of ball the bowler can bowl.

You will come to know that practice will give you the result.

Let us look into 10 easy steps with the above example.

1) Need to fix the goal:

          Before you start anything you need to fix a goal so that you can survive in your own goals. Now in your case your goal will be NEET 2019. Remember that nearly lakhs of people are your competitors and you need to competite with your own unique style. The uniqueness born in you is based on your preparation.

          Do you think the questions in the books will be in the NEET question paper?

          No, the questioner will prepare the questions in a complicated way. Understanding the question in NEET is as tough as answering the question. For understanding the question correctly, you will need practice in all the way.

2) Start your practice with a fine stroke

          Physics, Chemistry and Biology are the subjects you are going to prepare for the NEET 2019. Kick start your practice with these subjects. Make a Best Plan for preparing NEET 2019. These planning undergoes with scheduling your time for preparation and referring previous question papers, the chapters with most question ETC… So make your plan for start your preparation.

3) Widen your shots:

          Many students blankly believe that the self reading practice helps to crack their NEET 2019. To score 650+ marks in NEET you need to get the advice from the best trained faculties and speakers. Widen your mind and make your preparation stress free.

4) Get suggestions from your seniors:

          Suggestions are one of the positive and negative factors of success. If you are searching for the suggestions you will get the mixed comments based on their situations and emotions. You know the level of your position ask the suggestions from every one, take the suggestion which you need and make a decision by your own.

          For eg., If you ask a suggestion for best author for any Subject?

          Your neighbours and family gives the advice as per their knowledge they know author names from the internet or somewhere. you can’t buy every authors books, you need to analyse the way the author treated the subject and how could you understand the topic. Be clear with your decision at what you need.

5) Play a practice match:

          From your above preparation method you are ready with your first level test. How will you test your skills by comparing your fellow mates? There is a solution, many trainers and institutions will make a free online test series for NEET. Sign up there and start testing your skills with these free online test series. Be honest from your heart so that you can understand what’s the next step you need to do.

6) Know your skills and abilities:

          If you continuously write the test you will know your level of skill and abilities compared with your fellow mates. By knowing your skills and emotions you can easily start your next step of your preparation.

For eg., if you spend equal hours for all the three subjects, Your tests results shows that you need to improve your skill in the subject chemistry, then you spend more hours and concentration on the subject chemistry. Make sure that these extra preparations do not affect the preparation on other two subjects.

7) Improve your skills:

          Be prepared, stay organized, maintaining good notes increasing your learning style, question yourself, and write your regular online test. These will help you to develop your skills. Developing skills will help you to face many situations.

8) Regular practice of your shots:

          Practicing new chapters gives you the hope to crack NEET 2019. But revised practice gives you the understanding. The understanding gives you best results. Keep practicing and keep revising.  

9) Practice for uneven bouncers:

          Revising is the best practice for answering an unexpected questions. Not every questioner may ask the question which is at your text books or study materials the questions are little complicated with the same concept. So make a strong revision practice to chase your target.

10) Chase your Target:

          If you are the follower of above all steps, then you are ready to chase your target. From these you can find your skills, ability, understanding the questions, and Time management.

From the above 10 steps you can easily find that clearing NEET 2019 with 650+ scores is not the toughest one.

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